Duration: days 3
Start of the tour (from Shkoder): 06:45
End of the tour (in Shkoder): 17:45
Departure of the tour from Tirana:available with extra cost
Accommodation: included
Private accommodation for solo traveller:not available
Meals:1 lunch, 2 dinner, 1 picnic, included
Children : yes
Discounts for children:available please contact us
Guide : included

This tour is available from 1st May to 15th October

This tour is created in collaboration with Enzo Di Frenna’s website

This is not a simple tour but a real experience in direct contact with nature and with our mind
During the year we are increasingly slaves to technology, we live in symbiosis with our smartphone and we forget the contact with nature and humanity
This experience will lead you to rediscover yourself, to detoxify yourself from the internet, to rediscover the pleasure of perfumes, emotions and freedom
The use of smartphones is not permitted on this tour
Day one
You will depart from Shkoder with our minibus and guide (included in the tour price) and after about 1 and a half hours you will arrive in Koman where you will board the small boat Dragobia (included in the tour price)
You will sail on Lake Koman and after about 2 hours you will arrive at Markaj, a small dirt path and you will arrive at the road where the Cross of Nikaj Merturi dominates Lake Koman
Your cell phones will turn off and your fantastic adventure will begin
One of our vehicles (included in the price) will take you to Lekbibaj where you will be welcomed by a friendly Albanian family
Lunch (included in the tour price) based on organic products to start rediscovering the taste of the land and then an excursion (included in the tour price) in the woods of the valley until reaching the Koman Dovre rock, in the interrupted silence Only from the small boats, the cicadas and the singing of birds will you be able to meditate, do yoga and fully relax
Dinner (included in the price of the tour) will make you rediscover the flavors and family warmth, the dishes will tell you the history of this country and the music will introduce you to its ancient traditions
After dinner together with a glass of Raky you will have time to listen to the silence, the night and the stars in the farm garden, around the fire the legends of Northern Albania will keep you company

Day two
When you wake up, Lake Koman will welcome you with all its beauty
Relax and meditation before a good breakfast
You will leave for a wonderful nature trek (included in the price of the tour), a route that will take you to discover a beautiful cave among beech and chestnut trees
You will enter the heart of the earth, stalactites and stalagmites will envelop you in a magical moment where it will be you, only you
A picnic in nature (included in the price of the tour) and, during the return, you will discover the flora and traces of the wildlife that lives in the area
After the right relaxation you will experience the work of the farm, you will be an integral part in helping to feed the animals, making butter and cheese
Dinner and the elderly (included in the price of the tour) an opportunity that will lead you to discover the rural life of the area, your questions will be answered by the local community

Day three
After waking up, breakfast awaits you and departure for the Lekbibaj river
An excursion (included in the price) that will take you to a wonderful meditation near the solitary tree of the river. A special context, the outline of the mountains, the silence interrupted only by the relaxing flow of the river
Your route will take you to Fierze where your cell phones can be switched on again and from where you will board the ferry at 1 pm (included in the price of the tour) to return to Koman
Our minibus (included in the tour price) will be ready to take you back to Shkoder where you will arrive around 5.45pm
During the entire duration of this tour a member of our staff will be authorized to take some photographs in order to leave you with a magnificent memory of this experience

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EASY BOOKING: for this tour it is possible to confirm your booking by sending a deposit (Euro 75 per person) and paying the remainder the day before the tour departure in our office in Shkoder (cash, Visa, Mastercard) or to the guide in Koman (cash only). Contact us for more information !!!!!!!

If you use the Easy Booking option you pay part of the tour now and you will pay the remaining part of the tour price in our office in Shkoder (cash, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard) the day before the tour departure. For more information do not hesitate to contact us
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